Uncomfortably Numb

Sensitivity deprived
I can’t feel a thing inside
I blamed my father in my youth
Now as a father, I blame the booze
I have become uncomfortably numb
Sensitivity deprived
All my sympathy prescribed
(Who’s hands are tied)
I used to struggle in my youth
Now I’m used to struggling for two
(to a contortionist)
I have become uncomfortably numb
The lessons (The lessons)
Are so much (Are so much)
Less obvious
The further you get from home (The further I get from home)
How will you exist (How will I exist)
Without consequence
I’ll let you know
We were gentle to begin
Then I pushed you around to break you in
Now whenever I try to be clear with you
I only end up feeling see-through
I’ve tried, but you’ve

Song: “uncomfortably numb”

Artist: Graveyard


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