All wanderers are not lost

Wandering through chaos.

Silence comes to those who find peace All we have are pieces.

Pieces of a shattered heart

Glass and paper mâché

Swing and swing good

Hard and fast

Love fades Pain lasts.

Living as the dead

Numb and lifeless

With so much life it kills me

Unleash the monster,

fire burns

Passion flares

I am gone

Rising again, once again to die

Yet again to fly

Dancing with the heavens

Shooting stars in the night sky

Shooting hearts watching love die

Shooting down dreams.stop shooting shit.

Passing time with loveless whispers,

In a losing world where everyone wins

I prosper with my vulnerable wit Laughing,crying,living dying

Still flying

What’s the big deal

with halos and wings

Devils and nymphs,

Sithes and flames

Angels and saints.

Battle for victory in a War-already over Redundancy and repetition feed this hungry soul.

A soul never dead because it lives eternal

It is done

Greatness and good bleed from me

Catch it In time bitch-

it’s not of me

It comes through me from Energy.

Gears turn and emotions flare

never from me.

These bitches are angels

Never from we

Disguised as devils

Use this shit

start to breed

Give it to her life quick

Not that evil seed.

Spreading evil seed

you got it twisted

Not for me

you all will see,

Choice is ours and I’m spreading it free

All will feel-



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