Here’s one from a while back…..

The length of time from then to now?


How long has it been since you were inside of me.


I’m next to you and beside myself

It’s entirety bleeds out as quickly as the trip from your register

Til I register

Crimson is the color of my energy

This red water rage swells beneath the surface

My epidermis is pleased when I pick up a desire chip

For its only desire is to rest

For a moment at least

Scars lead to star tissue

My inability to heal is directly linked to the fact that I sort of enjoy being a cushion

Human pin cushion laid out next to the tracks that lead out of town

Destination unknown with every step I take

The only difference in pain and growth are the steps

The steps we tale to uncover the mystery that lies beneath the pain and the misery of self inflicted hate

Expecting the plans of others will cause my demise

Service and love are a river

I yearn to “be as the water”

But only when I forget feel like I’m

Drowning in the lackluster that comes from my puffed up ego that will never float on these turbulent tributaries I plan on using to irrigate my mind.

The plan,

The outline,

The design.

They’re all mine.

I just forget and then wind up right back here.

Full circle

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