This pen stifles my thoughts

Are you conscious or not

My media is filled with bots and thots

I wanna scream but what would it mean to a world full of desensitized hope feinds?

Life on a screen doesn’t help me believe that I’ll ever be more than a prophet, with a lein on my soul. We will never ascend this hole if all we do is dig



I feel like I wanna

I feel like I wanna dig my head outta the sand and reach out my hand

Like a forgotten moment on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel

That moment we accepted the apple

Bite or not

Now it’s Bytes

We’re not going anywhere

Unless we regaint sight

But we’re frozen in fright over an offense that we pray against repetition at the first sight of daylight and if we are over achievers the again we repeat at night.

As I lay me down to sleep

I lay me down to sleep

The god I am because he lives in me is the same in you from me to you

The name of the source only you can give and if it’s different than mine that’s fine

“Namaste, kid”

I see you and I love you.

All of you because that’s the frequency we need

Tune in or tune out but you feel the wave. It’s connection we crave but not WiFi or web

“You feel me?” Is now just a token

Validation is the trade

Willing to be made by so many these days

What’s valid is love

that tribe from above

But as above so below

So don’t forget to respect the flow.

The ride is as long as you want it to be

We will never answer “yes” when you ask “are we there yet?”

Our moment of arrival is an earthly myth

For those to rise out of this primordial mist have gained a much greater gift.

Separation from the chrysalis that holds us in

A cocoon created with the belief in sin.

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