Winter Solstice

As I sit here watching the Golden Dawn of Aquarius I wonder… Is there more than us yes, there’s got to be in the world we live; some key life in this elipse.

Seems like a regular night with a longer twist the shortest day to enter in this higher consciousness some vibration station… If you weren’t reading this you would see my elation, hopefully you hear it in my words as I watch the ducks dive below the surge… The ceiling and swelling river rolls by underneath her surface it’s like the night sky as above so below my spirit threw me a rope to hold. Cannot give up but to keep on pushing

be as the water I tell them with love

Find your tribe and show them some love

I’m eternally grateful to have risen out of the scud but return to it I will if I pick up a drug

But see the high I’m on now is life you see is there’s not a drug in the world that would take my vision for me not these days there’s too much at stake it’s not poker we’re playing kids it’s life are you awake. Pisces is gone with this mornings Dawn but she was a good sister straddling that fence that she’s on.

It’s time for new life energy abounds people might believe it more if it came with a sound

But in this cacophony we call time and space the ears might be the last looked place except for the residence ringing high frequency in my drum I’m march to the beat of a different one. The crescent city calms my spirit you can smell the whiskey and smoke rise from the ashes beneath it the spirits of old my ancestors in yours I’ve Warren mini mini times to get our thoughts in order… Whether you’re displaced or here by choice the city calls you with her calm soothing voice. She whispered to me for years and I ran free frolicking in other places far as the eye could see and even further sometimes when I ran for myself but it’s back to the city where I shall be given eternal wealth. Don’t wait too long to find with you seek, what you don’t seek you will leave to me… i’m a lover with a seekers heart, this is not something I knew when I started it’s something that came through troubles and trials all along holding my head through the vile and obscene things that came on the screen I would pay no attention to what they might mean… I followed my heart even when I didn’t know what that was and I think God for spirits the guides from above. below, from which I would run, came to be a mother to this wayward son

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