Twin Flame do you feel it

My 3D self just released its fear driven grip on leveling up. I had to meet her at the water, at her “turf”. I see her in all I do and everywhere I go. She fell in love with a boy. She nurtured that boy Loved him and he loved her. But as I began to wake up. To dig deeper into myself and outward into all that I AM —she wasn’t talking to me. She was talking to the boy she fell for. Karmic infidelity may be because she was still in love with the idea of the boy —while unable to share the reigns with the DM I had stepped into. Yes I ghosted her. After 3 WEEKS of GHOSTING. But what happened is that by being ghosted I had to find my spirit wrapped around me the entire time I could not see or feel it because all I could feel was the absence of her. She was not ready to pair with DM she wanted to raise the boy. She probably does want an apology and I hear her and every strong and confident song by a female artist, I see her in videos and passing on the street. She travels through them into my eyes —angry and hurt. As I look back I wonder “can she see the same pain in my eyes in my spirit?” My entire being ached for her, yearned to be near her. Years of — hell generations and kingdoms have fallen, risen and fallen —in less time that I have loved her. But I go to the water, I bring her gifts and I sit with her. as I feel my body tingle (knowing that I’m lighting up like a beacon) I feel her and I hope she knows that she is feeling me. any time she feels doubt it’s because I am not with her. any time she’s with someone else and she can’t fully connect it’s because I haven’t let go and I won’t let go until she tells me she’s sorry. We are both born under the moon sign of Gemini can you imagine being in a poly relationship and there are only two of you there? She writes in the Goddess takes her hand and the most beautiful things are created on paper yet she holds back from allowing her to have her whole life to create it as beautiful as the words on that paper. TF I feel you. Can you feel me as I enter your slumbering moments and caress your soul. Leave not a trace of your mind in secret. I have no wish to keep anything from you. But you have to stop acting like you’ve done no harm. The next one you write will be about the Divine. The Man not the boy.

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