Midnight walls of crashing dazeAvoiding connection as we create this mazeA labyrinth of of opulence and wonderThe beauty strikes meSomething wails inside of meIn this moment i can seeIn so many waysThe way you learn is the way you teachWell I’m not ready to be a student of confusionA child of chaos leading you to … Continue reading Untitled

We are going somewhere

https://www.spreaker.com/episode/24443442 https://youtu.be/x2evo2Z-ESo

Manifest More.

We’re going somewhere Do something to add value to YOU! With all this free time. And trust me if you’re quarantined. And you are. Or should be —unless you have an evil Ken oval or Jeff Corwin death wish

Conversations in an Uber

Uber Talks is a new podcast I've started Since some of the most amazing chats I've had, have happened in someone's car I have never met. Whose only "job" was to get me from point "A" to point "B" http://www.spreaker.com/episode/23415110

Prey “updated 2/11/20

Here's a sample of what I'll be doing in my free time comments and suggestions are appreciated. This is a single recording no editing all freestyle. prey.m4a

Part one

Boy meets girl. Girl likes boy—He likes her too. She never tells him and he thinks he's not supposed to. Like debris in a funnel cloud we danced around one another for years. Eventually finding ourselves seeking each other to hide from our fears. A safe space where getting ready for two hours was sometimes … Continue reading Part one

What’s in your glass?

I just sat down. Lit a smoke and looked at my glass. There is something in it. Half full —or half empty? Well thats an amazing question. Now I have one for you. How big is the glass? Tumbler? Shooter? Goblet or chalice? Is it Monday? If so, was it a Monday or a 'MONDAY!'? … Continue reading What’s in your glass?


Something heard to often Something that's beginning to sound cold Something used as an escape —a way to avoid telling the truths in your soul As children we respond this way when reprimanded by the old An automated response for when assignment due dates are told A way to appease ultimatums given while on life's … Continue reading “Ok.”