I thought you were the way

Some truth

And so bright

But you were in it

All lies

No light

Sometimes we get distracted. The attention is nice. Something good and exciting. Love is intoxicating. I went on so many benders.

On the wagon and off again —I was never afraid of the deep end

But then your feelings deepened

When the suffocation began from a lack of oxygen I went back under.

Submerged in memories of the beginning I fought to grow gills

But I’m past that phase

The distraction and haze

Love doesn’t work that way babe.

When i realized it was time to quit swimming I was capable of MY beginning. Get out of the water before I’m a tar pit of emotional bones.

You got in the way and became it.

the wrong way

A one way street to anything but serene

You told me you’d stay

Well I’m sorry.

I won’t

I must go

Because you’re in my way

Sometimes we grow past things

And you look so much shorter now.

You are too bright

Too bright for where you choose to stay

But by doing that, you’re the brightest thing in orbit

Personally I can’t. That’s lazy. I have been the brightest light in so many lives.

I did it by changing skies.

Higher and higher to new heights

New skills

new wheels

New deals

Nothing but thrills

I can’t stay

I refuse to play

I’m workin on me today

Nothing left to say

But I will go around when you don’t move out of my way.

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