I’ve always been one who has a hard time cutting ties with others when I should.

This is something I’m working on. It’s harder than I thought. Well —it was.

A friend of mine has been working with me on some techniques. And they seem to be working.

You have to “X” that person in your mind.

What do you mean? Like file them under the letter “X”?

No. Visualize that person in your mind. Now, put a RED ❌ over their face.
He tells me to go through the scenario where the person ‘earned’ the ❌ but this time I’m too imagine not their face; but the ❌ where their face would be. I remind myself why the person has an “x”. In the future when I see this person, I’m not to be crass or act with contempt. Rather, I interact from a neutral place of peace.

See, the difference is I don’t try to remember the wrong while still involving them in my interpersonal relationships. Now they are just another body on this ball of mud. And they too have just as much a right to be here as anyone else. They just no longer serve toward the completion of my goals.

A person in my circle should be someone who believes in my dreams, supports my vision and collaborates with me in a positive manner.

Now I’m not saying that everyone I keep in my sphere will agree with me all of the time and vice versa. But that person definitely won’t put me down or negate my wishes on a regular basis. When this happens repeatedly; contrary to what you may have been told, it’s not their fault. It’s mine.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on —me!
That’s right. Gone are the days of blame and resentment. We are grown ups now.

We live in an action world. If you don’t meet my needs as a friend or social acquaintance? It’s time to go!

No need to bother anyone with all the messy details. It is pretty ‘cut and dry’. Cut me down or don’t build me up? Bye bye.

Remember, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Your life and success is YOURS!

Stop explaining yourself.
My younger friend (should be years my senior, given the wisdom that flows from his spirit) reminds me. I need reminding. Repeatedly. And he is patient with me for which I am grateful.

So if you know who they are.

Oh come on. You know one or two people you are only friends with out of some obligatory ‘feeling’. You’ve “been friends since junior high” or “his wife of best friends with yours” Maybe this person hooks you up with box seats at your favorite team events every year.

How important are those seats in regards to your emotional and obligatory freedom?!


You’ll probably be able to afford the tickets in exchange for what you spent on antacids last year to treat the heartburn they caused!

So I’m practicing. And practice makes perfect. Hell, I don’t even care about perfecting this one. I’ll be happy with “a slight persistent effort”.

Change comes —when I take the action.

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  1. Only we are born knowing love. That’s in fact the only thing we know at birth. Partially due to oxytocin and the bond we make with our mother. And when we die I think that is all we will feel again at first. The same love that gripped us when we looked into our parents eyes the first time and they smiled or wept. We will feel that again through every new frequency we merge with.


    To start, we’re just the byproduct of energy which every living thing is comprised of and we develop consciousness at some point in the womb. We’ve always existed as energy without consciousness prior but came to be from a joining of cells from our parents which eventually developed into a fetus and became who we are; a conscious being.

    When we die our energy laden corpse is released back into the Earth as our bodies decompose, circle of life yadda yadda. I believe this and am leaning towards reincarnation until I think about the fact that my consciousness can not jump bodies. It came to be because of very specific set of circumstances. I am only me because of all the body cells that make me unique and that make my consciousness mine. Any other cells which are comprised of my energy after death can not develop the same consciousness I had in my previous life; the reason being because the genes and my brain cells will affect my new consciousness. But I can’t help but think- If my life energy will be dispersed in one way or another into the ground and air as nutrients, carbon, etc how will I end up a conscious being again if my energy is all over the place? That energy can make somebody else not just me again. That energy may never even create another conscious me again.

    This is where I start to scare myself (not to mention I may have struck the lottery being born human because insects and other creatures are conscious beings just the same). What is it like to never be conscious again? I just can’t imagine it and being a multi-celled organism blows my mind-I’m just a lump of living cells all individually non-conscious which form conscious me. Then I think, what is this energy for, its purpose? How did matter and energy even come to be? That big bang theory is nonsense, there’s just no way to get something out of nothing but yet here we are alive and something. If God is real who created him? If he always was, why doesn’t he ever question his own existence?

    Nothing makes sense the more I think about it and answers will always elude me no matter how many lifetimes I exist. Answers will always elude me and all will be forgotten forever with time along with my treasured memories. This is bittersweet knowing our pain will be forgotten but a final goodbye is something that aches my heart in the meanwhile. Nothing will pain us any longer including the broken bonds resulting from our death but what will our next journey be?

    “Were born not knowing what love is and we may leave no longer able to take it with us to our next life.“ Amadeus

    When I think about how matter can not be created or destroyed, I realize we quite possibly in one way shape or form we live forever and to live forever and forever unable to solve life’s mystery is torturous to realize.




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