There might be a little dust on…

These beat up (sometimes dusty) boots that I lace up more days than not. Sure I have more shoes. Tennis, loafers, dress, casual, slippers, slides, and a few more!

But these boots…

Wing-tipped with a brow, they are black —not brown. An edgy style who’s father was definitely classic in his time. They’re Steven Tyler mixed with a little Bruno Mars. Adam Lavigne fitted with thoughts of Johnny Cash.

Five o’clock may be quitting time but they’ve caressed you’re soles the way that Gentleman Jack and Cola will to sooth your soul.

and so much sooner, too. Now all you have to do is loosen the Windsor from your neck, slide that business noose off your collar, drop the sport coat as you hop in your car. Rolling up the cuffs driving downtown to your favorite “conversation & cocktail“ corner spot —valet the car and walk in with just enough noise from your heels that the right people know it’s you walking in. Yes that’s how these stroke your ego. They’re confidence boosters for sure. 6’ even now because of that 1” heel doesn’t hurt any either.

Join me again, for where thee winged-tips have taken me. Palm beach county they premiered by taking me to the 4th planet in our solar system in one half of an entire minute. Jared Leto and his band have a show to be remembered and I was wearing my new shoes. Walk the moon opened and I definitely felt as though I could.

My only “nice” shoes at the time they were worn in quick. Not to worry, that was 2 full years ago. They later danced at one of my younger sisters weddings, they held me up when I went down on one knee. And they were left in new orleans on the trip that was to be the last between the fiancé, that dream, and me. They carried me around New Orleans on adventures with my sister Loreli Lee. The first one together on our entire lives her 34th. There are no words for how Happy that made me.

They walked with me through sobriety. Their soles strong when I always wasn’t. The”speed hooks” on the collar region remind me of when we were kids.

We would race each other to see who could get them tied quickest. Learning the trick is to hook one on the bottom (either side) and alternate hooking two-at-a-time —all the way up, pretending there were two as you latch the last single which would be opposite side of the single you started with on the bottom.
—I catch myself racing agains no one for nostalgias sake these days.

Gravel, mud, rain, asphalt, bridges, woods, fields, steel, sand, rain, snow, and any terrain or element I may have left out. These boots would tell you of me, all of who I am, leaving nothing out. Through times when I might not have known myself all that well……

oh these ‘Johnston & Murphy’s” —the storied they could tell…

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