Midnight walls of crashing daze
Avoiding connection as we create this maze
A labyrinth of of opulence and wonder
The beauty strikes me
Something wails inside of me
In this moment i can see
In so many ways
The way you learn is the way you teach
Well I’m not ready to be a student of confusion
A child of chaos leading you to the water trough
But you don’t drink
Cause the spirits are for you
But the one in me just can’t see why you even call to me
My mind spins from the end of our last withdrawal. traps are set but your not out yet. I never set them for you
Because in all this, my plan was to catch myself
Before I fail
If this test I do not pass
These snares will safe my ass.
By the midnight moonlight
My soul took flight. The night I knew I would no longer fight. I found myself in misery’s company till I left my old self and stepped into my calling.
As you called out to me I couldn’t answer the my own voice. The questions so simple and true.
I was missing the boat as the crashing waves of universal truth came in like the rising tide.
Round and round you don’t need a way out— you like where you’re at.
My acquisition of strength and the gift of matching calamity with serenity removed the vital chord that kept me tied to you.
Chaos completes you
Chaos created me.
Born in a new stability I see someone’s hunger for mess
The message is written in the memory stained walls
Walk away —destiny calls

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