What’s in your glass?

I just sat down. Lit a smoke and looked at my glass. There is something in it.

Half full —or half empty?

Well thats an amazing question. Now I have one for you.

How big is the glass? Tumbler? Shooter? Goblet or chalice?

Is it Monday? If so, was it a Monday or a ‘MONDAY!’? Is it the weekend?

Are you Catholic? Pregnant or nursing? Single or Partnered?

Wand me to keep going? No? Good cause that’s al of them.

There have been days I was just happy to have a water hose connected to a faucet.

“Water (no ice) with a lemon, please?” Is how I order most times at a restaurant.

Coffee (black) in the mornings. The cups are small so I usually have two.

Water is free most places if you ask politely so I wonder why it seems so many people think they are thirsty.

We are taught good and bad, negative and positive, pros and cons, optimism or pessimism. What we aren’t taught is how to accurately take into account, the size of the container that is able to hold the liquid.

Every time I’m in line at a coffee shop I hear, venti— time after time. Surprise covers the baristas face when I walk up and calmly order a “tall”. I know that I don’t need/ or won’t finish a venti. So why would I pay for one. On the other hand, if I bought a large and finished it, I may take up room for some other tasty beverage shortly after and that would be a disservice to myself.

I challenge you to stop trying to overfill containers. Just because we live in a venti world. I’m not a venti. And chances are you aren’t either.

I wouldn’t buy a fifth of gin if I’m good at a pint. In the long run I wold eventually have to buy a fifth because that’s what I would need and no one needs me with a higher tolerance for anything.

Random thoughts after a long day. Now back to “Grace and Frankie”. Goodnight (or Good day) to all of you

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