You see me 
 And you stand here 
 Not running 
 I run 
 And you chase me 
 Am I crazy to run 
 You thought it was hide and seek and you played.   
 Cops and robbers 
 But you’re stealing the heart I didn’t know I had 
 People tell me it’s wrong 
 They say I’m playing with fire 
 Maybe I’m secretly happy I finally found another real pyro
 Yeah we are maniacs 
 Or maye our ashes will give birth to the god and goddess we know we are.  
 Rising up to show them that THEY were wrong 
 And in light of the destruction we’ve left independently 
 The empire we build together will be the sturdiest thing witnessed by the ones who doubt this union of souls.  
 Two four
 6/8 I came into this world 
 Six six six mark if the beast 
 But two days before me 
 6-6 you showed up 
 Bright eyed and glowing.   
 That 7 year itch hit you because just one town over I was entering the world.  
 ‘84 was a good year because your twin finally showed up 
 We Gemini’s are always late to the things that we need 
 Too busy playing in the fields of fate 
 Winkin blinkin and nod are resting on this story because they know the ending   Or do they.  
 What if they’re wrong love 
 We’ve been right 
 Right here 
 Writing about this for years 
 Denying the writing on the wall 
 I don’t want to be right anymore.  
 I want to be happy.  
 I have both 
 I can be right 
 Authors of chaos living a life of happiness 
 As the soles of our feel leave the souls of those we meet smiling 
 But what about us 
 You chase me when I run 
 Even when your standing still 
 Well, you’re under arrest 
 For stealing my heart    
 Who knows what the sentence will be.  
 But I’m sure we will serve it willingly 
 Because I’d rather be chained with you 
 Than free without.  

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