One thought on “The Journey Begins

  1. A child is born Alex, everyone, the one reading this blog, and raised in a country flooded or a instructional family with high scattered walls.

    There he will begin an attempt to unfold his “fabric” and to “know” his character, his existence.

    But a strong wind will start to stand in the way. It will drag him down and crumple him. now he has control and his powers will abandon him. He will not be able to hold his cloth and let it fly.

    So he will start running towards an unknown path, leaving behind his “is”. Not knowing who they really are will meet the high walls on the road and they will all look more difficult, where they will eventually reach a dead end. It will break into pieces and lose itself in the dense fog.

    But then, all around him they will look chaotic, return the powerful elements of his character and the real self will wake up. These elements that will defeat the wind and tear down the walls that are built around it. What he himself was trying to see when he unfolded his character but did not let the wind hold him.

    And they will give him the impetus to get up off the floor. They will make him realize that he can stand back on his feet and walk against the wind. … he will be able to choose for himself the path he will walk and the demarcate himself.

    Then everything will clear up around him. He will be able to see clearly who he really is, what he wants and how he wants it. Nothing can stop him because he will leave behind him all the chains that led him to a dead end.

    His life will belong to him … because it is his own life and he will chase it ..

    Loose Cannon


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